Profi Relax

The Profi Relax is the most modern and newest dressage saddle in the Otto Schumacher portfolio. It combines all the advantages of Otto Schumacher saddles and augments them with technical innovations. A synthetic wool filling in combination with a felt insert offers the highest level of fit comfort and pressure distribution. Moreover, the new fixing system of the saddle cushion is fitted with a screw connection from the outside, which creates more freedom of movement and even better pressure distribution in the wither area. The saddle cushion offers a large contact surface and a particularly flat design for an even more secure seat on the horse’s back. A special, triple girth saddle tree with additional sewn-in soft foam rubber amplifies this effect tremendously and makes the seat even softer and more pleasant. The precut saddle flap, in combination with the special knee roll, offers enough space to the front and means a straight leg is still possible. In addition, both the small pockets and the saddle flaps are doubled with soft, tactile comfort leather, which makes for a very pleasant seat. Profi Relax is also available with small pockets and saddle flaps made of full-grain leather. Just like the gullet plate made by Sprenger, the synthetic wool filling can be changed at any time. Available in chamber widths from 26 to 36 are available. For horses with a short saddle position (short back), this saddle is also available with a shortened, divided French cushion, also offering an optimal solution for these horses.

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