Solution C

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Solution C is a dressage saddle with an especially large contact surface and flowing transitions at the fender, which prevents any pressure points. The shortened, divided French cushion and the wide swirl channel promise optimal pressure distribution. Thanks to the additional felt insert incorporated into the upholstery wool, the saddle cushion, which is available in three different styles, fits snugly to the back line. Normal wedge cushions are ideal for most horse backs. High wedge cushions are recommended for horses with high and long withers and the G wedge is used with horses that tend to have rounder backs. The saddle offers the rider a slightly shortened knee roll for a long leg, with somewhat more room to the front. Compared to the Dynamic, the saddle tree is cut somewhat narrower to provide the rider with even better contact with the horse’s back. Like all Otto Schumacher saddles, it is fitted with an adjustable gullet plate made by Sprenger (26 to 36 chamber widths possible) and a synthetic wool filling as well as saddle cushions screwed in the front for more wither clearance. Custom made models are available, e.g. for special colour schemes, Swarovksi applications or special sizes for saddle flaps.

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