NEW: dressage saddle “Profi Relax”


Our new dressage saddle has arrived! The “Profi Relax”, a saddle that sits very close to the horse and allows for a more relaxed rider feel.
Who doesn´t dream of it? – to just sit, feel good, and ride relaxed. The “Profi Relax” saddle delivers on what our slogan says. It provides the right connection between horse and rider. The saddle facilitates the perfect connection with our new, specially designed, deeper saddle tree and new combined French saddle cuhsion
An anatomically formed knee roll and cushioning provide greater legroom to complete the perfect rider feel in the saddle.
The wedge is flat to the middle and causes a flat saddle cushion, especially in the seating area.
The center of gravity is centered in balance and allows correct aids from rider to horse.
As a result, the rider has a feeling of sitting very close to the horse without that feeling of being perched on top of a saddle.
A wedge in the front area provides more filling if needed, and the wide spinal canal and a wide cushion pad with integrated pillow fitting make the saddle as comfortable for the horse as it is for the rider.

A video is coming soon….