icelandic model

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The new Icelandic saddle is a very popular Icelandic and trail saddle. Two saddle bag rings, a very comfortable triple girthed saddle tree with a soft foam rubber insert and an anatomically pre-shaped knee roll make long rides an attractive prospect. To accommodate straight-backed and rather short Icelandic horses, the Icelandic saddle has been fitted with a shortened, divided French saddle cushion with an extra wide support surface towards the horse’s back. Thanks to the adjustable gullet plate from Sprenger (available in chamber widths 26 to 36) and the synthetic wool filling, the saddle can be excellently adapted, not only to Icelandic horses but also to large horses, for example. The shortened, divided French cushion and the wide swirl channel promise optimal pressure distribution. Thanks to the additional felt insert incorporated into the upholstery wool, the saddle cushion, which is available in three different styles, fits snugly to the back line. Normal wedge cushions are ideal for most horse backs. High wedge cushions are recommended for horses with high and long withers and the G wedge is used with horses that tend to have rounder backs.

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres alt-Attribut; sein Dateiname ist Island-Detail.jpg.