Can I change the tree width of my saddle?

The tree width can always be adjusted by your saddler from 26-36cm. It is important that this is changed with pressure and under no circumstances with heat, because otherwise the tree can be damaged.

Which saddle fits to me and my horse?

Much to our regret this question cannot be answered seriously without seeing the horse and the rider before. There are many factors that play an important role. It is always the best if a saddler can look at the horse.

What is the millimeter specification for the browbands?

The millimeters for the browbands represent the respective crystal size used for the browband.

Are there any special sizes?

Special sizes are possible on request, but there are technical limitations. Please ask your retail shop. You can find help for measuring under the above question “How do I measure my bridle?”.

Why is there no self-designed bridle in a graphic?

We would be happy to give everyone the opportunity to preview their self-designed bridle. However, since we have so many possibilities to customize the bridles individually, it is technically not possible to show a picture of each variation.

Where can I find leather color samples?

These you could find on our website at ‘leather colors’ or at your retail shop.

How long are the delivery times?

This always depends on the respective article and the desired size. Your retail shop will give you detailed information.

How can I find the age of my saddle?

Each saddle has a six- to seven- digit saddle number for identification purposes. If you tell us this, we can give you all the details as well as the age to this saddle.