Here we answer the most frequently asked questions.

How can I order?

We exclusively supply the specialist equestrian trade. You can find an overview of our sales partners under “Specialist dealers”. They will certainly be able to help you and tell you the price and delivery time.

How long are the delivery times?

This always depends on the item and the desired size. Your specialist equestrian retailer will be able to give you precise information here.

Where can I find leather color samples?

You can find these on our website in the leather colors section or at your local equestrian specialist dealer.

Are there also special sizes?

Special sizes are generally possible on request, but there are technical limits. Please enquire about this through your specialist equestrian retailer. You can find help with measuring under Downloads.

What does the millimeter mark on the headbands stand for?

The millimeter indication on the headbands stands for the respective crystal size used for the headband.

How do I care for my leather items?

Leather is a natural product and requires careful care to maintain its serviceability and appearance.

In general, leather should be cared for in the same way as skin.

After use, the leather should be lightly wiped with a damp cloth. Wash off heavy external soiling with lukewarm water and a soft cloth and dry with a soft cotton cloth. Soaking should be avoided.

Do not dry near radiators or ovens, only in a dry, airy place.

If the leather is not dried properly – too quickly at too high a temperature – it will become brittle and fragile.

After cleaning, a leather care product (balm, grease) should be used to reactivate the protective layer of the leather. We have had good experiences with Effax leather balm.

With our high-quality headbands dubbed with crystals from Swarovski ® , the stones must never come into contact with leather care products or oils, otherwise they may become blind or come loose.

Which saddle suits me and my horse?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered seriously without knowing the horse and the rider. There are many factors that play an important role here. It is always best if a saddler can look at the horse on site.

Can I change the chamber width on my saddle?

The chamber width can be adjusted by your saddler at any time from 26-36 cm. It is important that this is changed with pressure and under no circumstances with heat, as otherwise the tree can be damaged.

How do I find out the age of my saddle?

Each saddle has a six- to seven-digit saddle number, which is used for identification. If you let us know, we can give you all the details and the age of this saddle.