service + repair

You would like to buy an OS product, but are unsure about the size or the fit? Or you already have an OS product that you would like to have repaired? Then you are exactly right here: Your OS service!

We offer you:

Measuring of bridles and double bridles:

We measure your bridle or double bridle, give tips for finding the right sizes and advise you on the subject of bridles and double bridles. Of course, we also like to inform you about ournstable halters and accessories, such as spare parts and repairs.

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Adjusting of OS saddles:

A saddle is the most important connection between rider and horse!

We advise you on the perfect fit and customization.
You can try test models with us in the house, advice by specialized staff and also reservation of test saddles are possible with us after telephone arrangement.

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Repairs of OS products:

You lost your beloved OS product and you would like to have it repaired? Or do you need one spare part?

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Book test saddles:

A new saddle is always an investment and this investment should also be worthwhile. Therefore, we offer the possibility that you can book a test saddle. You can try this with your horse and be convinced of the OS quality.

For more information, please contact us at 00492264-6730

Trial seating + consultation:

Who has the choice, has the agony. Many different models for many different divisions and riders. This can unsettle you. To get a feel of the model you are looking for, you can sample various models and get advice from us. We always try to find the perfect connection between horse and rider.

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